Investment Benefits

  • Located in a politically stable environment with the advantages of its tax free status, business confidentiality and its international banking facilities. The developers can recommend a number of tax and financial planning experts on the island who can assist you in developing a plan
  • Investment in property in Turks & Caicos Islands has a strong track record of appreciation and is continuing to improve..
  • Providenciales, especially the Grace Bay area, has enormous potential for growth as a tourist destination because of its proximity to the US, its world-class beach and underwater life, its warm climate and its stable economic and political environment.
  • There is a lack of mid-range priced accommodations available on Providenciales, a market that is further under-serviced in light of the addition of more flights (including low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines to the island. A facility such as GBS is well positioned to service group travel, charter trips, meetings, conventions, as well the economically-minded vacationer
  • The specific location within Grace Bay has recently undergone a multi-million dollar infrastructure upgrade, including widened roads, sidewalks on both side of the street and extensive street lighting. This has drawn even more businesses to the immediate area.
  • A professional management team is in place to manage, maintain and care for the facility thus helping to ensure this valuable asset increases in value.
  • Owners’ rooms and suites are included in an effective and ongoing international marketing campaign using a variety of channels.
  • Earning rental income will offset the expenses of owning and allow the owner to enjoy a rent free vacation without the worries of home ownership and in time will generate positive cash flows on the investment.
  • Being a smaller condo development, the management is far more flexible in its relationship with its owners and will consider non typical requirements. They are also better able to offer a very personalized service which has appeal for guests and owners and very favourably compares to the larger condo resorts on Provo.